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How To Install Varnish To Run With Apache On CentOS

How to install Varnish on CentOS Step 1 – Install the latest version of Varnish on CentOS using the following command: 1 sudo yum install varnish How to Configure Varnish to work with Apache Step 1 – Now setup the basic configuration to make Varnish work with Apache. In CentOS and Fedora, Varnish configuration file is located in “/etc/sysconfig/varnish”. […]

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How To Set Up Apache Mod_Rewrite Module in CentOS

About Mod_Rewrite Mod_Rewrite is an Apache module used to manipulate URL’s and is compiled into the base Apache HTTP Server in CentOS.  See the mod_rewrite documentation for more information. How to configure the Apache mod_rewrite module Open the Apache configuration file located at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf sudo vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All inside the DocumentRoot Directory Directive, normally <Directory “/var/www/html”> […]

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